A short story

Act I, First Kiss

It began the way all great fairy tales end, with the kiss of true love. A fairy lured me into the majestic Madrid nightlife with a thousand drops of potion.

“It’s called Long Island,” she twinkled, “Drink and it will change your life…

Mexico City, my Paris of the west: city-scape and architecture, culinary wonders, warm and lovely people, party vibes, punk vibes, chill vibes, parks and nature, the clothes, styles, and shopping; the lounging, the small plates and drinks, the large plates. All the plates. Try the mezcal at every place.


Slaughterhouse 90210, Maris Kreizman

3 Tips: How to Kill it at Work

I’m not technical. I don’t have any specialized skills. There’s no real reason why I should be successful, and yet I’ve been helping lead and grow tech companies for 7 years.

It all comes down to one simple concept: no matter what…

The Breakup Conversation

In September, 2016 I found myself doing Google searches for how to have the most difficult conversation of my life. I could not find anything that helped. I would have to think it through, talk to friends, figure out for myself how to tell the person I…

Malinda Coler

Reading, writing, learning, passion. Be passionate. Happiness is a thing we achieve through serious intention. Founder at LessonsUp, www.lessonsup.com

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