Good news. There’s a role that every organization needs, with opportunities for entry-level roles, that can be learned in 6-weeks, and makes for a great work-from-home role. Welcome to Email Marketing. This is the latest skill that you can build ASAP to break into tech. Wanna learn email marketing now?

Here are the top 5 reasons why email marketing is the best way to break into tech in 2021:

  1. There are so many jobs in email marketing, ranging from entry-level to senior management.

2. It involves skills that are applicable to a number of lucrative roles in tech:

  • Product
  • Growth…

  • Listen E1, highly recommend
  • Read full transcript, not as good

In episode one, Michelle chats with husband Barack about the big things we’re all thinking about in the most beautifully human terms. I felt like I was at the Obama dinner table, which is exactly what Michelle said at the end of the episode. Heart melt!

Her words spoke to all of us in different ways. I wanted to share my biggest moments from episode one, and following Michelle’s model, decided to get personal.

1. “Livin on the second floor of my great-aunt’s house”

At the beginning of the episode Michelle and Barack tease that Michelle came from a “Leave-it…

And how I connected with a community in Nigeria

I was surprised when Michael Nelson, founder of Cobuilders, asked me to speak at MediaGIG2020. My topic: The Innovative Mindset.

What a topic! I had never heard of Michael and had a lot of hesitations: Why am I qualified for this? How can do this topic justice? Then I met Michael. I went from hesitation to passion.

Michael talked about solutions to create intentional, meaningful connections. We live in a world where people like/follow each other all the time, but often with very little meaning. …

I’ve had a lot of friends in the non-tech world with relatable skills ask me how to get into tech (and one recently made the transition from financial to Fintech!). With more and more questions coming in, I decided to lay it out for everyone.

  1. Build your network

2. Schedule informational chats

3. Ask for warm intros / projects / opportunities

How to Build Your Network

  1. Join Slack Communities

2. Join Facebook Communities

3. Sign up for LunchClubthis platform lets you fill out a networking profile based on…

A short story

Act I, First Kiss

It began the way all great fairy tales end, with the kiss of true love. A fairy lured me into the majestic Madrid nightlife with a thousand drops of potion.

“It’s called Long Island,” she twinkled, “Drink and it will change your life forever… or at least tonight.”

I drank the magical mix and within moments was gazing into the eyes of true love. Very tall, masculine build, blue eyes, kind of German looking. True love, you get it.

We tangoed about, eventually took repose in a quaint, dark, very isolated corner of…

Valentine Osakwe has the answer.

As cities reopen from COVID-19, we all want to know what’s open. Two weeks ago, Jeremy told me that Meghan said Zeitgeist was open. I was ready to text everyone to meet up for outdoor fun, but it turned out to be take-out only.

This week, Lena posted a pic saying: “Bars are open for outdoors and they’re happy to see us in our masks!” I mentioned it to my roommates. Which bar? When? Someone had heard that it was Monk’s Kettle, or that other one on 16th. I found Lena’s post, read through the…

Mexico City, my Paris of the west: city-scape and architecture, culinary wonders, warm and lovely people, party vibes, punk vibes, chill vibes, parks and nature, the clothes, styles, and shopping; the lounging, the small plates and drinks, the large plates. All the plates. Try the mezcal at every place.

Everything is unexpected because you simply couldn’t have expected a city to be SO cool and SO easy to get to from SF. It’s also super cheap. Why aren’t I living here? Here are a few of my favorites, in no particular order. Don’t use this for the top cultural or…

Slaughterhouse 90210, Maris Kreizman

3 Tips: How to Kill it at Work

I’m not technical. I don’t have any specialized skills. There’s no real reason why I should be successful, and yet I’ve been helping lead and grow tech companies for 7 years.

It all comes down to one simple concept: no matter what you think your job is, your job is to make people feel important.

  1. Don’t disagree with people in email chains, especially email chains with more than one person. …

The Breakup Conversation

In September, 2016 I found myself doing Google searches for how to have the most difficult conversation of my life. I could not find anything that helped. I would have to think it through, talk to friends, figure out for myself how to tell the person I loved more than anyone in the world, after 6.5 years, that it was over.

I had learned some things over the years that I knew I was supposed to do:

  1. Be honest — this is the greatest level of respect you can give another person. He and I had already…

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